helping non-profits navigate today and plan for tomorrow

research -- planning -- implementation

David & Barbara Brose are experts in strategic thinking, and dedicated to helping build effective strategies for non-profits:

  1. We review your mission, policies, bylaws, compliance, budgets, reports, and then ask you and other stakeholders lots of questions before meeting with you as a group*

  2. You commit to providing needed information, listening to each other, and participating in meetings

  3. We identify structural issues and possible solutions; you provide feedback

  4. We help you draft strategic goals (what you want to achieve), foundational steps and timelines (the order that will move you toward achieving goals), estimated costs (time and money) and who is responsible (board, officers, staff, members, etc.)

  5. You ask questions, make suggestions, and move forward with confidence and a fresh commitment to your organization and its mission

Contact us to find out more about how we operate and why we work.

Also partners as for cultural and historic resources planning and evaluation

*zoom or in-person depending on pandemic status